Holiday Collection

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Type: Sampler


The holiday collection features:

1 oz of each of the following teas:

  • Toasted Coconut (Oolong Tea), Fireside Chai (Green Tea), Moroccan Mint (Green Tea), Cranberry Orange (Black Tea), and Vanilla Sugar Cookie (Green Rooibos, caffeine-free)

15 honey sticks, 3 sticks each:

  • Chai, Vanilla, Ginger, Amaretto, and Caramel Agave

1 small mesh ball infuser – 1 cup size

Your choice of Cranberry Vanilla or Cinnamon Allspice shortbread cookies, each pack contains four cookies

All packaged in a beautiful peppermint print keepsake box.

Honey Sticks Ingredients:

  • Chai: US Grade A Honey and natural flavoring
  • Vanilla: US Grade A Honey and natural vanilla flavoring
  • Ginger: US Grade A Honey and natural ginger flavoring
  • Amaretto: US Grade A Honey and sweet almond flavoring
  • Caramel Agave: Pure Agave Nectar and caramel flavoring

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